2017 Virgo Horoscope

The year begins hoping that news concerning work or career come through that you have been waiting for. By the 19th these expectations may be compromised, and you may find that you have to go through the same procedures. It is not until your well into February that events flow your way. Towards the end of January you begin to feel your way around, gaining insight and direction, through intuition that will serve you well throughout the year.

The 21st and 23rd of February are challenging, at this time you may just find a way out of your current situation. Mercury moves into Pisces on the 12th and again it will reinforce your intuition. Go with the tide to an extent, rather that laying down a firm plan.

By the 24th March life will open up in quite a good way. There are no drastic changes, but changes within your field of work that still allows you the opportunity of financial security. A change that you had hoped for, as well as providing a safe heaven that gives you the chance to follow through with what you have been hoping for.

April seems to flow your way especially when Mercury moves into Taurus on the 13th followed by Sun on the 20th, where you may be dealing with professional’s. This may also connect to domestic as well as career prospects. By the 16th you are in the fast lane discussing suitable plans, try and deal with what you can while the time is right.

The middle of May is the last of the Saturn Pluto opposition and although this time will be challenging, responsibilities that you have had to maintain due to business, career, or family pressures will bring an end a dilemma that been bothering you for some time now. Although it’s going to take some time to settle due to retrograde Mercury until the 9th of June. The 14th May is particularly fast as well as dealing with those higher up than you, as you may need their say so on an important matter that you have been negotiating. These should all go really well and provides security and brings confidence that was lacking in the early part of the year.

The eclipse on the 10th of June changes everything around. The energy is strong and you do need to be careful and keep your feet firmly on the ground. By the 12th, events are moving fast and links to friends as well as family, and may cause a disturbance close to home. The second week in July you may be celebrating or at least enjoying the better side of life now that most events have been cleared and you are feeling more relaxed.

August ~ Life will have changed quite a bit from the old routine and you now seem happy and comfortable with the way things are. There will more likely be connections to the early part of the year but as far as your concerned that’s history, though its nice to keep in touch. The changes that have taken place will continue into next year and from then on a different attitude may give you more insight on how and why. The Sun moves into your birth sign on the 23rd August and Mars moving on the 30th stirs you into action.

By the 13th September there may be a proposition put to you that seems to good to be true. Check it out, this may not be all that it seems! Mercury moving retrograde on the 15th seems to point to facts that are not completely clear and won’t be until the 7th October so be especially careful with money or get rich quick schemes.

October seems to be an expensive time, watch how you spend your money. Saturn moves retrograde on the 12th October and finishes the year that way.

The early part of December is concerned with home and may need your expertise. Whatever it is, means fast action so you need to take care around the early part of December. The month finishes fast and will take you into the New Year so be ready for the fast lane. A good year, full of constructive changes that brings liberation to your spirit.

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