2017 Taurus Horoscope

This year brings freedom to re-establish security and give you the chance to break free from past restrictions. Saturn in your money sector has been limiting to say the least, he’s not ready to move on yet but circumstance will create the changes that you have been hoping for.

Events concerning finance and business seem upper-most on your mind. This becomes focused on the 16th January and then by the last week of January every thing comes together releasing you from a situation that’s has been frustrating.

February is a major move in the right direction, on the 8th Saturn moves direct, and followed by Mercury on the 9th, if you have been experiencing hold ups you can expect these to start moving again in your favour.

The 12th February and new moon may create the right conditions to either make the right moves professionally, guiding you out of a situation that you haven’t been happy with. It is fast going and not really your cup of tea! Still this is the time for sweeping changes. On the 19th Venus moves into Pisces and gives the time to socialise with others that you don’t usually meet, the 24th is particularly entertaining.

March, Jupiter moves direct on the 2nd, Mars enters Taurus, giving you that extra surge and determination to deal with and take a chance, with the help of a colleague who has given you guidance or has the same interest. Events should begin to unwind and get you where you wish, removing obstacles and gently helping you to broaden professional matters. The first two weeks are busy ones negotiating and plans are strong. The 20th and 22nd is a turning point, it may seem heavy but it will be well worth your while.

Venus moves into Taurus on the 1st April and helps in all that you undertake, as well as this you can see your ideas and plans begin to take form, so that you can see just how capable you are. This period will last for about 10 days.

May is the complete turn around though, 3 major conjunctions in your house of money and security and may add up to negotiations over a financial commitment that has been heavy for quite some time. This may also connect to the legal side of a business venture that hasn’t been all it should have been, and now you can finally close that chapter, and start something else with a clean slate. This energy will take you to the middle of June then it will be over.

The 10th of June and new moon you will be geared up and confident, and will more likely prepare your strategy and make the necessary moves. The 19th you are ready to move and create changes and these changes come about easily as the hard work has been done. With Venus now in Cancer linking to Jupiter it may even be a time to celebrate.

The 2nd of August Jupiter moves into Leo, and from here you may be concentrating on domestic life. If there have been problems here, you will be able to put these right, now that the pressure has been removed.

The 7th September indicates contentment in your new setting, leaving the past well behind. You need to be especially cautious around the 23rd with any speculation of get rich schemes, check every thing! Do not allow anything to fate ~ if you are unsure don’t! As it is possible you could undo all the good that has come your way.

The 13th November has the same type of energy as September but now your path is growing ever wider allowing you to broaden and expand your skills. Indeed you feel really confident both these energies occur on the same day so that this time should work out to be significant. You are looking towards the future as well as channelling the right energy, not only in business or career matters but also relationships look pretty promising.

December begins with loads of energy, and stimulates relationships and shared monies, and all that is important between two people. There may be words on the 5th, realise that the energy is strong and deal with it as you can. Whichever way it flows be cautious. By the end of Dec energy is fast and the New Year will begin in the fast lane.

A year where a great deal has been achieved and places you in calmer waters.

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