2017 Scorpio Horoscope

January begins with plenty of commitment; you feel the need to get these more into proportion. There is quite alot taking place that still needs your attention and try as you might, you don’t generally get events moving in your favour until the end of February. The 24-26th January are challenging times but you know what needs to be done and patience is one of your best virtues. Time will present itself so that you get life more balanced and more in harmony with your needs.

February helps a little as Saturn moves direct on the 8th that allows events to unfold with Mercury on the 9th your mind then turns to burdens that seem to be directed towards legalities of a financial nature. Once this has been achieved a weight will be taken off your shoulders. The sun moves into Pisces on the 19th and here stimulates inspiration and guidance.

Your sixth sense is really coming through and may assist you. This is a time for inward thinking as well as action. The 21st February is challenging however one more piece of the jigsaw will have found a place to fit. The 23rd February is again connected with legalities. There is quite a lot of activity going on in private as well, this may be trying to sort a few things that help this area, it is not easy but something can be achieved if you are fair. This period will last for about 3 months this one being the strongest.

The 2nd March Jupiter moves direct and may have strong connections to over-seas, as well as spiritual work, watch these areas thrive! Pluto your ruler moves retrograde on the 21st, so if you have been trying to get to the bottom of things you are going to have to retrace your steps while everything else catches up with you. Mars moves into Taurus 2nd March your house of relationships and it is likely that you’re going to attend to this side of life carefully.

April points to authority figures working on your behalf possibly with finances and shared resources, you may feel unsure of where its leading you but it will be ok. Saturn nicely links to Neptune, from the 14th of April onwards a great deal of energy is going into legalities and sorting moneys so that you can then relax, and this is where you will be concentrating. The new moon on the 12th April also emphases this as you are working to accomplish something and to create the changes that you’re hoping for and balance this area out once and for all.

May is a fast time with three major conjunctions in this area as well as the Saturn Pluto opposition it looks like all will be dealt with this month: money, direction and the end of restriction’s that you have felt for so long. As well as this on the 1st May you have a stroke of luck possibly to do with work or career. The 16th a result should present itself and this should satisfy you. The 19th again more room for you to manoeuvre so a very busy month that will also take you part of the way into June but you will be able to sort out issues that have been playing on your mind.

The early part of June you may decide to change things around so that there is more freedom and a different approach to how you handle events from now on, nothing drastic almost like the next step. June the 10th sees an eclipse, if this has to do with a family settlement it may cause a bit of a storm on the 12th, just be aware it, won’t be too bad with Jupiter taking care of domestic life.

The 3rd of July there is a nice connection with loved ones, you might think of taking a break, perhaps a long weekend just to get away. The 27th July points to a new start as well as shaking off the old.

Jupiter moves into Leo on the 2nd August and will heighten job opportunities, career and work prospects. The 24th your steaming ahead quite content, the 26th Pluto moves direct and the 30th Mars moves into Virgo and will give you opportunity to meet and socialise away form responsibility.

The second week in Sep you may have an opportunity come through with work or career, this might seem to good to be true check it out, small print as well, it links to career but also home.

Try to get all the things you need done as Saturn moves retrograde on the 12th October, from here on dealings may be not be that easy. There may be discussions on the 29th to do with work and these look stable with results. There is quite a bit of this going on behind closed doors so make sure it is fair and above board.

As you move into December an eclipse occurs in your money sector followed by a major Mercury conjunction on the 5th. Whatever is taking place has to do with security and what you classify as important. It has a ring of domesticity about it, plus how you are feeling about this. It is going to start your mind calculating, take care if it is about money, it is possibly big money, could be a big opportunity but the individual should accurately know what this time means to them.

A year where you feel you are able to take off the shackles and be completely in control and confidant.

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