2017 Sagittarius Horoscope

The early part of the month you may be involved with a loved one, discussing shared resources and basically dealing with partnership. These go ok, though but you may need to retread your steps, so things just here aren’t as easy as they could be. With your ruling planet Jupiter in Cancer, you may be dealing with family and circumstances that needs attention and healing.

Towards the end of January there is quite a big step forward that brings confidences and links to close environment, brothers, sisters, siblings and basically day to day issues as well as friendships ~ looks like you are in demand! Another point worth mentioning is insight and perception. These will serve you well right the way through the year.

February is much easier as Saturn moves direct followed by Mercury on the 9th bringing more understanding within relationships.

With your ruler moving direct on the 2nd of March you should be able to spread your wings and get a greater sense of freedom. The 8th March Mercury moves into Aries and will assist with any obstacles that you feel are within relationships, as you will then be able to discuss how you feel with clarity. The 20th and 23rd are challenging and calls for patience to deal with partnerships. Discussions go quite well, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

April 16th again a challenge and is more or less the same as March but more dynamic something here needs your attention. There may also be heavy commitment towards work; especially if you work with other’s on a one to one.

May is a month that is active, and is the culmination of events that hasn’t been easy. All this comes to a head on the 14th; it is also the last of the Saturn Pluto opposition, basically the result of a long and difficult road. This period will last for about a month and signifies a bit of a tug emotionally, as well as demanding most of your time ~ this may include family topics. A trying time but once its over that will be the end of that. It is important to take your time and deal with these areas thoroughly so that when it is over it is finished with, once and for all.

The eclipse on the 10th June generally turns the tide for you. It may cause a bit of a ruffle, however from here on life can only get better.

The Sun moves into Leo on the 23rd July and argues well with your sun sign. During the early parts of August there are emotional changes that are stimulating, exciting and happy. Again in relationship areas, this balance’s out quite nicely. By the 23rd August you may be discussing plans to further career or broaden skills in some way, this may be linked to further education or with someone professional overseas. Whatever comes of this will benefit you greatly by the 30th there is a stroke of luck that comes your way that links to this, there could be a career move or something that places you on the public stage this month.

The early part of September there is a chance again through a friend about something that seems too good to be true, it may be a chance you have been waiting for, don’t take this for granted! Follow your own path, not some one else’s. From another point of view this is an exceedingly spiritual transit so if you are on the path of spiritual enlightenment this could serve you well, it just doesn’t blend with money to well.

There is quite a lot of social activity with friends in October. Quite a fast month, where you are enjoying life and having fun.

November, this month may be lucky for you in terms of friends. Something may come through that is sound and links to relations or friends overseas. The 22nd seems like a strong learning curve where you take in and use qualities that you have experienced and so you may become a much stronger person. At this time you may feel able to make positive changes in life. This is either learning, spiritual awareness or learning from a teacher or friend with a like mind that bring purpose and understanding into life. The sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd and from here on life is great and you are full of confidence. The eclipse that occurs in your birth sign may have a direct transformational quality, causing life to be a little unsettled for a while since any kind of change needs time to settle. This should bring about a new or wider direction or at the very least broaden life in such a way that it brings complete satisfaction.

A year of growth, spiritual as well as mundane, that you have progressively worked towards.

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