2017 Pisces Horoscope

This is a subtle year with a strong inspirational connection with your ruling planet Neptune and also Saturn. The energy of Neptune works in the way of intuition and Saturn brings structure. Those of you that are writers, poets, singers, or anything that is inspirational, may be able to bring reality to something you have had on your mind, this will work with varying degrees for every one. By the time this transit is finished you should have this energy always, simply because you know it is there. This is a tremendously enlightening year.

The first two weeks of January are focused on changes that have probably been at the back of your mind for a while and are now taking action, which make you feel more comfortable and secure. The 17th may be a little tender as your may feel prompted to say what’s on your mind, or may be dealing with authority and waiting to hear of news in connection to a domestic arrangement. By the 24th January you may be pondering whether you have chosen correctly, but by the 26th of January any reservations will have been swept away as you realise this has given you the chance to broaden life which also brings about a sense of security.

With Mercury moving retrograde until the 8th of February there may be delays with correspondences, although the homework has been done you are unable to completely finish what you have started. Try not to let it worry you, because from then on events should begin to move your way.

On the 19th February the Sun moves into Pisces and brings confidence, so that you feel that much stronger. Then by the 21st February a result should come about that places you back in charge and makes you feel really good. Follow your intuition now, as you may find that you can totally rely on this side of your nature. By the 21st February you will come to realise that home is truly where the heart is, and that commitments here also bring contentment.

Jupiter your co-ruler moves direct on the 2nd of March, and provides the opportunity to move forward and expand. There shouldn’t be any more worries with home or domestic arrangements and should more or less be flowing easily.

By the 20th March Neptune your ruler links to Saturn and the major moon conjunction. There may be contacts with professionals in regards to final arrangements, or something you have wanted to finalise. So there may well be plenty of movement, correspondences and signing documents. Feelings of well being should be with you and you should feel confident to follow your intuition as this energy will be with you more or less all year, especially during March, September and November.

During April events are preparing for the month ahead, the 16th provides thought for action and mentally you may seem focused on something close to home, as well as comfort that a special relationship offers.

Towards the end of May the last of the Saturn Pluto oppositions occur, this is more likely some thing that you have been trying to work through for most of last year and may connect to professional life as well as domestic. Once this is finished the relief will be huge, for then the shackles will have been removed. This period will take you to the middle of June.

In July life speeds up, loads of action especially to do with home and spending. Be careful with money though, it should be ok so long as you don’t go over the top.

The first two weeks of August are linked to leaving the past behind and also making radical and yet practical changes for the future. Jupiter your ruler moves into Leo on the 2nd August and should provide the right situations to expand with work or career. Also perhaps a time to look at health, if you have been ill, this coming year should provide the right energy to help you heal ~ maybe using alternative therapy as well as the usual method.

September 14th is likely to be a time where you throw all caution to the wind leaving your destiny in the hand’s of the gods and thinking that all will work out. Try not to go over the top with anything, this may connect to addiction or trusting in some get rich quick scheme as you could end up worse off ~ so check these out and be kind to yourself. On the other hand this is truly a highly spiritual opportunity if you’re that way inclined. By the 21st September this energy will have evened out a bit and then you will be on more even ground.

November is very similar to March and September, where again you’re thinking and contemplating realistically on the now, and the harmony that life is providing you with.

December again the emphases is linked to the old as well as the new. There is a tremendous amounts of activity taking place in the first week in December which connects to discussions and point’s to career opportunities. The month finishes on a fast note as well.

All in all a busy year where changes take place that brings in a new order into life with rich and spiritual opportunities.

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