2017 Libra Horoscope

The early part of January you may be wrapped up with a loved one, discussions go well if you don’t go over board, hoping that you will get things exactly the way you wish them to be. January begins quite fast and then slows down until the 9th February and then you will need to wait until almost the end of the month for events to really begin to flow again.

Towards the end of January there are challenges which may link to events going on over seas or higher education. The end of January will note the end of one chapter, there is still a way to go but in part has left you satisfied.

Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 14th February your house of love and creativity. This may speed up studies or link to personal relationship. This is where you are trying to balance out your needs as well as those of spouse, it is delicate but you seem to find the right words.

The 8th March Venus moves into Aries and helps in all discussions with partner showing how you feel with understanding. By the 15th March there could be words but nothing heavy, some things need to be said. The 20/22nd March seem totally committed to a project, or commitment that you may have undertaken. The 25th may be confusing or bring uncertainty to personal relationship, this period will last about 10 days so don’t give your self-a hard time.

Venus your ruler moves into Taurus on the 1st April and up until the 25th you will be very much concerned with personal and emotional security you share with partner, and possible be relating this between you both. On the 16th concerned with something that has been around some time now, it concerns you both and communications here are fine.

May. The 14th is the turning point where everything comes together and also falls in with the major opposition of Saturn and Pluto this is the last, so it is not that easy. Everything revolves around overseas, possible family, siblings, and a situation that has been difficult to handle, this may also link to legalities so that the whole thing can be sorted once and for all.

The 10th June is the eclipse and changing tides, the 12th there are changes within work and also home. It may be unsettling so realise a substantial amount of energy may be needed; this may be the after effects of May so be aware. After this period one door close’s only to open another that is far more in line with what you want and need. Changes occur that are relative easy for you to step into.

July is similar to June; changes that are easy to make which bring newness into life, this may also connect to relationships lover as well as friends.

Jupiter moves into Leo on the 2nd August, and from then on life will be easier, happier as well as opportunities that come through friends or those that you mix with socially. Venus moves into Libra on the 7th, here you may be concerned with enjoying the finer side of life. Still the accent is to get life more in harmony to your needs and will be through out the year.

The early part of September seems intuitional and may become aware of this energy. The 10th a lucky break may appear through a friend concerning money. Do your homework and take care of all finances during this period.

The 12th October Saturn moves retrograde, and stays that way till the end of the year. The middle of October you are pushing through, this connects to work done in private, you feel you need to get a lid on this so that you can concentrate on other areas as well. By the 26th you are busy widening experiences through knowledge, and by the end of the month making substantial changes to your life style, which is relatively easy.

The 10th December an eclipse in your house of friends, brother’s and sisters. This may be disturbing, be aware of it as this seems to be the area that hasn’t been running that well in the past. This may bring some events to the surface. By the 25th you will be feeling strong and in command, and may have learnt to follow your intuition.

A good positive year, where you have managed to release yourself from past burdens and clear the way for the future.

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