2017 Leo Horoscope

January seems to be demanding in that communication’s aren’t running that smoothly and may be confusing, this isn’t really down to you. There is so much going on in your opposite sign, by the 19th you may find that you need to retread your steps and go over events that you may have hoped had been dealt with. It won’t be until Mercury moves direct that correspondences and relationships are running smoother.

The sun enters Aquarius on the 20th January and from then on the month will be active as you deal with whatever is important. The 26th January may be challenging and you may be dealing with profession a person that holds interest for all involved. The 26th you are taking in information that helps you get on a more even keel. Towards the end of the month there may be changes with friendships, as well as personal.

February is much easier as Saturn moves direct followed by Mercury on the 9th and so getting the ball rolling once again. The sun moves into Pisces on the 19th February and you then focus on close relationships, and what this means to you. There may be guidance or help here in terms of intuition that is heightened at this time. Two major conjunctions take place on the 21st and 23rd of Feb, and although may seem heavy in terms of commitment, it will be easier than January, from here on things can only get better.

Jupiter moves direct on the 2nd of March and helps with creativity, intuition, as well as work being done behind the scenes. This should prove more that satisfactory. When Jupiter moves into your own sign later in the year it will then be time to channel these to success. The sun moves in to Aries on the 21st March and you are feeling far more confident, there could be correspondences during the month from those that you haven’t heard for a while, or over seas.

Towards the end of April there may be concern over a loved one: money, security and what makes you both tick. You will most likely feel like talking, but hang on to it instead. So you may feel a little low as you have things on your mind.

This leads you into May and the final opposition of Saturn and Pluto, quite a big change around in relationships, possibly friendships that no longer hold value will be released. At this time this may connect to commitments that are heavy or too demanding. This is a busy month where friends also seem concerned. Venus is also active here and helps in more ways than one in helping you put your point across helping to alter situations, so that loose ends may be sorted. Keep an eye on energy, as you may be feeling a little tired.

A solar eclipse takes place on the 10th June and again highlights friends that you see socially or those you work with towards a common goal. See where this takes you, this side of your chart is emphasised continually all year, and may suggest that too much energy here isn’t doing you too much good. The 12th June action is fast taking place behind closed doors. This may be a personal struggle that takes place in private, or the determination that is being channelled to make life the way you wish.

July is based on practicality, to change events around within relationships and also friendships and may include professionals. There is no drastic change, yet laying down a sound path where you will be more yourself and comfortable. Far more dynamic the way Leos usually are. One day of caution is the 27th July where you may pick up the wrong signs with a loved one; it may be confusing, when making arrangements check out all details.

The 2nd August Jupiter moves into Leo and what a break he will provide as well as opportunity to expand and grow. The 11th August promotes discussions and making plans, some in connection with career and establishing security. By the 29th it’s all go, go, go, you will need to watch energy here, try not to burn the candle at both ends. Energy is really strong and you need to conserve it as well as use it.

September, ideas and plans that you have already set in motion continue. Feelings are far more settled, as the wedge between the old and the new have now found balance.

October 12th Saturn moves retrograde and 21st tends to be especially expressive and a creative period. Time to use your skills, and broaden horizons.

December comes along and is fast, the 4th/5th both these dates have to do with personal creative work and demands that may have to be met. Make sure that as much is dealt with, so that by the 30th everything is moving and home life may be demanding.

This year is one of confidence and creativity so realistic plans bring far more security.

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