2017 Gemini Horoscope

January begins with your mind set on change, bringing out the individual, and trying your hand at new projects any thing that will bring out the real you.

As the year begins, you seem to be viewing all from a different perspective so that you able to see all aspects of a given situation that has in the past been tiresome, reflecting on relationships close as well as family. January may seem as if you take one step forward and another back, but in reality quite a lot is taking place both in your mind and attitude so that you will be able to adapt and deal with whatever is causing you concern.

The 24th/26th January are challenging times but again you are taking a step closer to where you wish to go. By the end of the month, as well as March and December there is the tendency to bring out the more sensitive qualities of your nature. This seems to fall in with the changing energies that are manifesting at this time. Generally you need to understand all aspects, this new energy is promoting the more sensitive qualities that help in so many areas of life especially personal matters as well as domestic. Your being given a chance to understand others through intuition rather than the mental side that you generally use. So watch out for your intuition, as it is a great insight. This will also aid writing, teaching and anything that the imagination can use.

February is one of liberation as you’re in the mood for change and there will be no stopping you. Your energy is powerful and once you have yourself in gear you will go ahead, this seems to be a personal pilgrimage.

Jupiter moves direct on the 2nd March helping to re-establish how you feel about security, your efforts and also links to shared resources. The 20th and 23rd March are again challenging but this time you seem to be one step ahead as intuition is serving you well and taking you closer to release past grievances with family or personal relationships.

An important date is the 12th April when you may then need to deal with what has caused you discontent. This time may be painful, and it may call for a sacrifice, letting something go in order to reach an agreement. But with your understanding nature you should be able to get some of the way to re-uniting differences. The 14th April Mars enters Gemini events from then on move fast.

May is a powerful month where the activity-taking place in your sign is tremendous. On the 14th May there are three major conjunctions all dealing with the same thing. The last of this conflict towards the end of May taking you into June should be over one way or another, with hindsight and intuition events should work out in your favour, though it is a trying time.

Jupiter moves into Leo on the 2nd August and helps with relationships. Children and parents will find growth and maturity with all concerned, a happier time is forecast for the next 12 months and this energy will flow much easier intellectually as well as lovingly, problem’s will be in the past.

September creates new ideas and stimulating situations, should you wish a new life style. Certainly the energies this year are bringing you out of routine and into newness.

November provides the chance to start on a new project once you have made up your mind you will steam ahead. December finishes the way the year has been: fast. An eclipse in your opposite sign creates new ideas and shuffles you into new territory with relationships.

A year where changes that affect home life should have been settled. Gemini’s will have changed their focus not only on intellect, but also spiritually so that more of life can be felt as well as understood.

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