2017 Capricorn Horoscope

The early part of the month begins with some frustration as your path appears to be hindered by those in authority, this may be due to Christmas holidays. Mars the planet of desire and direction is in Pisces, so there may be quite a bit of soul searching, you need to take in all you have learnt before moving forward again, this period will last up until the end of march.

Early January there may be discussions with a prominent person, maybe a teacher, and may entail further education. These discussions will help a great deal in making the changes that you have on your mind. By the end of January these should come about without too much trouble that will take you through until the end of March. By mid February when Saturn moves direct much should be sorted to clear the way.

There is a feeling of every thing coming together this year and now connects to an energy that has been coming in that made 2001 quite trying in some cases. Now all the pieces are coming together and wisdom instead of uncertainty is taking its place. This energy is Neptune and Saturn conjunctions that filled the last 8 months of the year, that was quite a hard taskmaster. Often difficulties brings its rewards so that now you should be able to see how things fit together and help progress come together with spiritually so that this becomes part of life rather than something you are continually working towards. Follow intuition, as it will serve you well.

April appears to be particularly happy time where fortunate contacts are made. Careful planning and integrity seem to be in place where you wish to get something off the ground. You have a strong desire to reach goals and make something of yourself. Anything that begins now has a good chance of being successful and has a knock on effect that open doors to broaden life. This is very much to do with friends as well as relationships and home. If there are any disputes this period will help in sorting these out. If you have felt that at times you are at stale mate this will more than make up for it. A month where family or emotional problems can be dealt with or at the very least take you some way to a result.

May, this is the last of the Saturn Pluto contacts; it should be a little easier than the last two. In your solar chart this connects to work, as well as personal relationships much of what is being dealt with now is in private but its something the you have felt has been heavy and unmoveable. By the middle of June this will have passed and then you will have a renewed sense of freedom, what ever has held you back will then be history, but it does definitely needs to be dealt with once and for all.

Towards the early part of July changes fall into place and next year these will be further refined. Events move steady up until October when Saturn then moves retrograde. This period is excellent to make concrete changes that later lay the ground ready for further growth. This period links to money and personal security, once these are in place you should feel quite satisfied. This is something you have been working towards and this month should bring about the changes that you have on your mind.

August ~ Jupiter enters Leo. From personal relationships to dealing with personal, intimate and share resources there may be reason to look over all events concerning money, may even pool moneys towards a share business venture, what ever takes place this will have sweeping changes. From another stand point this period may indicate spiritual growth that enables you to see more than there is. If this is so this will occur in quite unassuming ways that brings about psychological growth and changes because of this. Jupiter will be here for one year and in that time resources that are shared will take on more importance during this period.

October, there may be the need to go over old ground, due to Saturn moving retrograde.

In December there are two major conjunctions taking place in 12th house of private yearnings. This may connect to those that you have a common link with but something that takes place may direct you into making alterations to an on going concern. By the 30th every thing will be on the move really fast. A new initiative may well be the order of the day.

A year where you get life more in tune with what you feel is right for you.

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