2017 Cancer Horoscope

The year begins with rather too much on your shoulders. This is a commitment of one sort or another that needs to be completed. The new moon on the 13th points to demands from relationships or family, and with Mercury moving retrograde, from the 19th January there is a lot to catch up on. The month finishes on a sober note and yet it is not for nothing as intuition seems to be quite a good guide, and should be with you for the rest of the year.

February seems easier as Saturn moves direct on the 8th followed by Mercury on the 9th, you seem determined to get yourself on a more even footing. There is a rather nice aspect on the 24th between the sun and Jupiter and this should bring in some happy connections either from over seas or friends further afield. The 21st and 23rd seem like stepping stones its not quite finished.

March should be more like a turning point where events and circumstance’s seem more in your favour. Jupiter moves direct on the 2nd of March if you haven’t felt the benefit of Jupiter, you will from now on.
Jupiter has been a learning curb and now that he’s moving forward you should have made your own realisation or opportunity, and feel you’re able to make definite moves this year

The 20th and 22nd are again challenges with what you have already undertaken but it is not so difficult this time around. The 25th March you may have resolved something that has been a problem, or may also connect to a family member that needs your time due to illness or moral support.

The early part of April seems to bring an understanding that although you cannot see progress, you know it is there! Intuition is playing a role here so follow your feelings because they will not let you down. You can actually see events begin to blend and make some sort of sense.

May is a powerful month where three major planets in Gemini link to work done privately, determination, coupled with grace, and the task master is Saturn. Something important is taking place and it is followed by the last of the Saturn Pluto opposition that been on everyones agenda. This is now coming to an end it is going to be a struggle but not as difficult as the last two. Also Venus is in the equation this time and she seems to cushion events. However the month finishes with Mars moving into cancer so he may stir family situations, but by now you should be fully equipped to deal with most things as they turn up.

The eclipse on the 10th of June in Gemini is focused on work already undertaken and with a resolve to complete. The sun moves into your sign on the 22nd and you should recharge your batteries as well as lighting your way and bringing confidence.

Jupiter moves into Leo on the 2nd August and provides opportunity to improve and provide more security. Most of this goes well but you need to be careful the last couple of weeks of September that an offer could be too good to be true and takes you for a ride, therefore be extra cautions over finances around this time.

September seems like an important month as you may be dealing with shared financial interest. It signifies the end of a chapter and a new beginning with you at the helm. Where independent, or job security, and satisfaction brings more confidences in you’re chosen career or work.

The 12th October Saturn moves retrograde, from then on your may find you have to retrace some of your steps.

December and the focal point is with career or work.
Communications are going to be active through the month. The month finishes in the fast lane.

The year is concerned with action, security, direction, as well as intuition, balancing energies, so that life is more even.

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