2017 Aquarius Horoscope

January begins on a happy note and touches on personal relationships. This helps with communicating feelings, which brings confidence to this side of life.

By the 25th January events that you had on your mind should come together in perfect ways, this is along creative lines with work as well as love which is linked to two major conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn.
Although these two connections are a little difficult initially, they are a helping hand. This energy may also link to spirituality, work or connections with the caring profession. This may be the first step of a realisation that has substance that began as a thought, then a dream and now reality. This is the energy of a brilliant connection between Saturn and Neptune.

Be aware of what happens during these periods, as this energy will be with you more or less till the end of the year, especially the first three months and then October and November. So there is plenty of time to really get this working and then this cycle is completed. Changes will continue up until the 3rd of March, then you may have to re- view certain personal projects.

The 12th of February and new moon occurs in your first and personal house. Here there will either be a break away from the norm and restrictions, you may feel that you just want to be free, so watch your energy and others that this may affect. Or it may be filled with excitement, pleasure and entertaining all sorts of different ideas. There is a need for caution, this period will last for about 3 days the 12th being the strongest. Also watch how the month unfolds to reveal what needs your attention.

Saturn moves direct on the 8th February, and Jupiter on the 2nd March, those that have found Jupiter trying will now find they can expand without further hindrance. Saturn connects to Mercury on the 23rd March and here indicates that discussions will be strong with someone higher placed than yourself, this has to do with personal connections, or work done behind the scenes.

The 14th May there are no less than 3 major conjunctions: in your 5th house of love, and 6th house of work, so there is going to be quite a lot of activity in both these areas, all before the last Saturn Pluto opposition on May 27th. It is as though the groundwork is being prepared and every thing will come together nicely. Although this will be frustrating there is a helping hand that’s going to cushion this and then this cycle will be complete. It links to the romantic or the creative side of life as well as linking to friends that you meet socially towards a common cause. Everyone should really know what it is for him or her, as it has occurred twice already, but once this period is finished that will be the end of it. Then you begin on a brand new chapter and the rest of the year should then run smoothly.

July. There are two strong contacts this month. Saturn and Uranus connect nicely to bring about a balance with the old and new, making life more stimulating, bringing stability and creativity. At this time well-planned changes can occur easily, especially if there is a mental creative quality about it. Again be aware that whatever changes or alterations you put into practice as this will come up next year. Also running along side there is a sense of idealism and reality, bringing ideas to fruition. This may also link to spiritual studies. A month where your feet are firmly on the ground, yet are propelled forward spiritually.

August ~ Jupiter in Leo. Lucky for relationships, during this period that will last about a year you may encounter people that help, or you help. Energy flows well and it is a stimulating period where you may well meet others from different back grounds, it may well be this that is fascinating. Another point may be finding help from those of a professional nature; you may find that you need their assistance.

September. This period may be confusing where you really need to keep a hold of events in life. It is a good idea to hold on to your own council. Do not trust any get rich schemes! During this period you may seek escapism from the norm, if inclined to any form of addiction be especially careful.

This period is about going over the top through idealism and may connect to relationships, this may be with over idealising partner or where you get let down, every one is human, check out last month where all was clear to see. Deal with other’s the way they are, by accepting them as they are, don’t try to conform others to what you want them to be. On saying that all this may seem a tall order however there is always something good that comes out of this. And the magic word is spirituality. The connection here is Neptune and Jupiter. On a spiritual point of view it’s a tremendous insight into something extraordinary. If you are that way inclined either through study, meditations or what ever, it is so huge that you can easily get lost in it, this is why I have given so many precautionary measures.

December ~ This month turns out to be busy with the annual elipse on the 4th followed by a Mercury and moon conjunction on the 5th, the month finishes with a major conjunction of Mars and moon.

The annual eclipse takes place in your 11th house of friends and it is here where quite a lot of activity will be taking place. This may be in the form of renewing or regenerating a going concern.

The latter part of the month is fast, it may have some thing to do with the public, and it seems as though it may have connections with career. All in all a rewarding year, where you are happy to leave one chapter behind and begin a new.

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