2018 Horoscope – Retrogrades , Eclipses and Moon Phases

The 2018 horoscope give you accurate astrology predictions for the coming year.

Retrogrades 2018

When planets are retrograde the affairs ruled by that planet are slowed down so that you can reexamine them. If there is unfinished business, it will be brought to your attention once again. Resolution to problems are now sought. Usually within 3 day of the planet stationing retrograde, you will feel an increased amount of energy associated with that planet.

When Mercury is stationing retrograde or direct you may suddenly feel an urge to write correspondence or communicate in some form. Travel plans may also be discussed. When Mercury goes retrograde you can expect communication and transportation to go haywire. Computers crash reservations get lost. Papers get lost. You can avoid some of these glitches by being prepared. Don’t sign contracts or buy large purchases during this time. Watch your credit cards and receipts. Even mail gets lost so don’t order by phone and check postage due. Buying or leasing of automobiles is not recommended. Bring your current vehicle in for tune-ups. Review, repair, rewrite and rethink everything. Backup your computer files. When Mercury turns direct, activity speeds up again. Signing of contracts or agreements can be planned for after this time. Following are the periods that Mercury will be retrograde for 2018:

  • March 19 – April 12
  • July 22 – August 15
  • November 14 – December 3

Venus has one retrograde period this year. When Venus is retrograde we review our romantic alliances. You may decide to wait before proposing or accepting a marriage commitment. Relationships once serious will also be under review. Having second thoughts is not unusual now and the additional time could be a blessing to help us decide. Try not to make permanent decisions about your love life now : December 24 – February 3 2019

Anger, revenge and misdirected energy or revenge are all common themes while the action planet Mars is retrograde. Focusing on the past and how force or deception caused problems make us suspicious of others. Misdirected energy abounds leaving us tired and irritable. A good time to tune up your exercise routine and evaluate what it is or isn’t doing for you : October 4 – December 9r

Jupiter a good luck planet, is not at its full potential in retrograde. It makes us wait for are rewards now. Risky investments and financial propositions should be avoided and review of future propositions will need to be analyzed during this time. We reap as we have sown, when Jupiter moves direct our gain could be well worth the delay.. February 1 – June 5

With Saturn in Cancer, there will be adjustments made to our bank accounts as well as our family and security. Saturn is providing a test and hopefully we can meet the challenge. A review of current finances and possible refinancing will be essential. Making us feel like we’ve been given a second chance. Personal commitments can be made and marriages or partnership arrangements commence. We will be motivated to review and change that which is no longer needed and then repair what’s left. Saturn testing continues through retrograde periods giving us a second chance and additional time to get things right. It can mean major improvements in your lifestyle by reviewing what you already have and possibly rediscovering a latent talent. Family, female and maternal issues are all things we will be concerned with while Saturn remains in Cancer. Bank accounts and investments made for future security will be another thing we’ll need to review. Saturn makes sure these things get extra attention. Accounting skills will need to be precise and may be subject for review. Home and family security will be of prime importance and review now. Saturn enters 2018 in retrograde and moves direct on March 21st . It then leaves Cancer for the fire sign Leo where it will remain for the next 2 years. November 22 . April 4 2019

Last year when the 2 slower moving planets Neptune and Uranus stationed direct, the activity occurred in the portion of your chart containing Aquarius. A new spiritual insight or religion may have surfaced then. Hidden or occult things were revealed and often very unexpectedly. New inspirations suddenly became visible now as each planet resides in mutual reception. Uranus now in Pisces ruled by Neptune and Neptune remains behind in Aquarius ruled by Uranus. This lends beneficial tidings to both planets as they conveniently share their special attributes

Uranus retrogrades June 14 -.November 15
Neptune retrograde May 19 – November 26

Pluto brings transformation but when retrograde it allows us to stop and pick up the pieces. Suddenly we are aware of what is useless or no longer necessary for change. A complete recycling can occur as we rid ourselves of excess baggage in what ever form it may take. Pluto retrograde March 26 – September 2 .

Eclipse 2018

Known for centuries as major astrological events, the alignment of planets become so close they cause a shadow, (lunar eclipse) or they come between the path of the sun and block the view (solar eclipse). Knowing how important Full and New Moons are in regard to cyclic as well as environmental (high and low tides) changes we can only surmise the magnitude of the eclipses effect upon our own lives.

This year we are lucky to observe 5 celestial events that should allow a clear observation into the changing events occurring in our lives. Often we get a glimpse of this in a dream form or sudden inspiration.

Try to observe the area in your own chart where the eclipse occurs to determine how it will effect you. New Moons and Eclipses of the Sun will often bring new beginnings and direction in life. Full Moons or Lunar eclipses always refer to an inner awakening often providing an understanding to things once beyond are observation. Energy’s are high and a feeling of being at one with the universe are often felt. The ancients would enjoy the benefits of the Moons effect upon fertility as well as intuition. Dreams are very prophetic now.


Celestial Events 2018

April 19, 2018 Partial Eclipse of the Sun Aries 29° 49′”
May 4 Total Eclipse of the Moon Scorpio 14° 42″
June 8 Transit of Venus Gemini 17° 54″
October 14 Partial Eclipse of the Sun Libra 21° 06″
October 28 Total Eclipse of the Moon TAURUS 5° 02

Moon Phases 2018 – NEW MOON

January 21
Aquarius 0° 46″ 16:05PM EST
February 20 Pisces 1° 04″ 2:26 AM EST
March 20 Aries 0° 39” 16:49 PM EST
April 19 Solar Eclipse Aries 29° 49″ 9:29 AM EST
May 19 Taurus 28° 33″ 00:52 AM EST
June 17 Gemini 26° 57″ 16:27 PM EST
July 17 Cancer 25° 13” 7:24 AM EST
August 15 Leo 23° 31″ 21:24 PM EST
September 14 Virgo 22° 06” 10:29 AM EST
October 13 Solar Eclipse Libra 21° 06″ 22:48 PM EST
November 12 Scorpio 20° 33″ 9:27 AM EST
December 11 Sagittarius 20° 22” 20:29 PM EST

Moon Phases 2018 – FULL MOON

January 7
Cancer 16° 40″ 10:40 AM EST
February Leo 16° 54″ 3:47 AM EST
March 6 Virgo 16° 43” 18:14 PM EST
April 5 Libra 16° 00″ 7:03 AM EST
May 4 Lunar Eclipse Scorpio 14° 42” 16:33 PM EST
June 3 Sagittarius 12° 56″ 00:20AM EST
July 2 Capricorn 10 ° 54” 7:09 AM EST
July 31 Blue Moo Aquarius 51″ 2:05 PM EST
August 29 Pisces 7°03″ 20:22 PM EST
September 28 Aries 45″ 9:09 AM EST
October 27 Lunar Eclipse Taurus 02″ 23:07 PM EST
November 26 Gemini 4’55” 15:03PM EST
Decembe 26 Cancer 12″ 10:06 AM EST